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2012 - 50th Anniversary Edition


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A Message From The President
The Nieuport Triplanes
Greek Decorations of World War 1
Were the Zeppelin Raids on Great Britain a Failure ?
An Interview With Francis Briggs
The Tin Donkeys – The Story of the Fabulous Junkers All-Metal Aircraft
The Experiences of Captain G.L. Sly
Aircraft Armament During The Great War :-

- Motor Guns – A Flashback to 1914-18

- Early Aircraft Gun Development

- Principal Machine Guns in Aerial Use – W.W.1

Interview With Captain Eric Dibbs – formerly of the A.F.C.
The Albatros D.Va Controls – A Detailed Study
Night Bombing on the Western Front – Recollections by Lieutenant K.W. Payne M.C.
Airman Without Wings – An Interview With Mr Alex Griffiths
Dornier – Man of Vision
Memories of No.3 Squadron A.F.C. – An Interview With Jack Treacy
The Functioning of a Photographic Section in 1st A.F.C.
The Work of the Corps Squadrons in the R.F.C.
“Tailes of Fins and Rudders”
The Aeroplanes of August
Life In The R.N.A.S. – Reminiscences of William G. Mawby
Weapons of the Great War – The Lewis Gun
‘The First Twenty-Five’ – A Short History of the Society (1962 – 1987)
Early Days – The Experiences of Mr Beauchamp Mervyn Wainwright as a Pilot and Prisoner of War in W.W.1
Kingsnorth Airship Station and its Beginnings
Ernie Guest – His Story
Some Notes on Richard Henry Busteed
Luft-Verkehrs Gesellschaft (L.V.G.)
The Australian Flying Corps Training Depot – Halton & Halefield
Igor Ivanovitch and the ‘Russian Knight’
Wings and Things – Modelling Hints
The Flying Dutchman – Lt John Albert Hoogterp D.F.C., 102 Squadron R.F.C. / R.A.F.
Tyro Airship Handler – A Groundcrew Member of the R.A.F. in 1918
German Sky Camouflage
Planes, Trains and … W.W.1
Macchi M.5 Seaplane Colour Profiles
The R.E.8 Controversy Revisited
A Brief History of Portuguese Aviation in World War One
An Interview With Charles Watson – ‘The last of our boyhood heroes’
When Stanley ‘Pulled a Stunt’
The Combat In The Air Report (Army Form 3348) and the Victory List
The Airship War
The Skies Over Mesopotamia: Part Two – Baghdad and Beyond
Gone, But Not Forgotten – 2nd Lieut. Patrick Alva O’Brien, 66 Squadron, R.F.C.
From Lodgepole to Stenay – 1st Lieut. Dana Edmond Coates, 11th Aero Squadron, U.S.A.S.
H.M.S. Furious, 1914 – 1918
‘All In A Spin’ – A Tale of Propellers
Lofty Witness – 1st Lieut. Roy Kendall Patterson, Kite Balloon Observer, 2nd and 13th Balloon Companies, U.S.A.S.
Rear Cover

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