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Air Commodore Thomas Howe


Irish born, Tom Howe enlisted in the AIF and was wounded at Gallipoli. Evacuated back to England he gained a commission with the Royal Naval Air Service. He remained in the RAF post war and rose to the rank of Air Commodore. He wrote of his war experiences while attending the RAF College.

war experiences of teb howe

Captain Francis Smith

2 Squadron AFC

Francis Smith first served with the 31st battalion and then the AFC. On the 10th of November 1918, he was shot down by ground fire. Captain F R Smith's report on being shot down behind German lines during the First World War appears courtesy of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

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Captain John Wright

4 Squadron AFC

Jack Wright enlisted in 1915 serving first with the 12th Light Horse Regiment and then the AFC. He served with 4 Squadron and was part of the occupation forces posted to Germany. He served in WW2 and became a POW when Singapore fell.

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