Watts, Cadet Cecil Thomas (31928)

No 8 Training Sqn AFC

Cecil Watts came from Stratford, Essex, England. He was 23, and a Grazier at Glenhampton, Queensland, when he enlisted in the 13th Field Artillery Brigade (FAB) in Brisbane on 11 September 1916. He left from Sydney on RMS Osterley on 10 February 1917. In France he served as a Gunner in the 4th Division Ammunition Column and the 10th FAB before he applied for transfer to the AFC in January 1918. He then went through flying training before a posting to No 8 Training Sqn in June.

He was killed in an aircraft accident two miles east of Leighterton on 3 September 1918 while flying Sopwith Camel C101, after the aircraft spun into the ground after a right hand vertical turn at 2500 feet. It was his first flight in a Camel after training on the Avro 504 and the Sopwith Pup, but his instructor was sure that he was able to handle the aeroplane. The Court of Enquiry determined that Cdt Watts did not push the control column sufficiently forward enough to enable him to recover from the spin.

Cdt C T Watts is buried in Grave 35 1929 at Woodgrange Park Cemetery, Essex, England.

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