Harold Watson Collection


Harold Watson HPW Boxkite HPW Boxkite training reverse Calshot Isle of Grain Aerodrome at back. In front the Thames and hangars. unidentified town Bomb Rack Bombs Away A flying torpedo attached under the machine. Testing Parachute No.1 Testing Parachute No. 2 Testing Parachute No. 3 A huge land-mine crater on the Western Front A huge land-mine crater on the Western Front(1) A huge land-mine crater on the Western Front(2) Albatros D.III fighters of Jasta 11 at Douai, France. Gotha Crash No.1 Gotha Crash No. 2 Airship GAMMA C8 Kitten N540. Smallest plane made during 1st war, too flipant for use much. Kitten N539. Larger & more stable to fly Admitalty Short taking off. Blackburn G.P. Seaplane 1415 Blackburn T.B. Zeppelin Fighter Bristol 3060 Scout Type C Crash No.1 Crash No.2 Curtis R2 Machine and the two kittens Dyott Fighter 3687, fitted with C.O.W. gun Experimental (recoilless) 1½ lb. gun, sighted downwards.  Back port filled with grease and buckshot to take recoil. Experimental Floats(1) Experimental Floats Fairey Campania Seaplane N1004 Fairey III N9 aboard HMS Slinger for catapult trials Fairey III N9 successful launch Fairey III Fairey Type III Sea Plane N10 Felixstowe F.2A Flying Boat N4510 Felixstowe F.2 Flying Boat N65 Felixstowe F3 Flying Boat N4230 Handley Page N85 Tellier Flying Boat N4510 Felixstowe F.2A N9497 Porte Baby Rochester Rockets No. 1 Rockets No.2 Royal Aircraft Factory C.E.1. Flying Boat N97 Seaplane used for instruction Ships Pup on Skids Short 184 with torpedo fitted between floats Short 184 Short Admiralty 184 Seaplane 8052 Smoke bomb first exploding. Smoke bombs used by plane to hide. Sopwith F1 Cuckoo N74 Sopwith Pup on skids possibly N6176 Pup with skids takes off from practice deck. Note men in water to stablise it. Pup conducting deck trials Take off Tellier Flying Boat Test frame fitted with gun Testing Armament Unidentified Aircraft Cockpit Unidentified men Voisin III Voisin fitted with floats possibly V2010 Voisin V2010 being launched August 12 1917 Voisin V2010 float detaches August 1917 web gallery lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.0


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