John Pettinger Shepherd Collection

2 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps

1AM Bert Kohry 1AM Primrose 2 Squadron Camp in France 4 Squadron Sopwith Snipe 4 Squadron Snipe E8100 Barbed Wire Entanglements Billet at Pon -a Marcq Bridge destroyed by Huns near Lille Captured Fokker DVII(1) Captured Fokker DVII Captured Fokker DVII 4348 Captured Fokker DVIII's 4348 and 3337 Crashed engine at Savy Crashed SE5a 'The Likely Bloke' Damage by Mills Bomb at Pont a Marcq Diggers Grave Engine testing at Reclingham(1) Engine testing at Reclingham English Hangars Enquingatte near Serny En-route from La Bellevue to Beauvais Equipment Store Serny Falling Statue Albert(1) Falling Statue Albert Faulty Landing Flying in winter Pont a Marcq Fokker DVII handed-over after the Armistice Caudron R.11 at Feucherolles near Beauvais French aeroplanes at Feucherolles near Beauvais French Plough(1) French Plough French road in Winter Frost at Serny(1) Frost at Serny German aircraft handed over after the Armistice German Cemetery at Pont a Marcq German prisoners clearing road Hanga to hold 6 aeroplanes at Hellemes Huts at Auchel Huts at Serny(1) Huts at Serny La Basse(1) La Basse Leyland Lorries at Pont a Marcq Lille Theatre Near La Basse Near Pont a Marcq On the road in winter Pont a Marcq Railway Station destroyed by the Germans 'Primmy' 1AM Primrose Removing an engine from a SE5a D7006 at Pont a Marcq SE5a SE5a and Ground Crew SE5a and unidentified pilot SE5a and unknown Officer SE5a C1129 at Hellemes near Lille SE5a F5511 at Hellemes near Lille SE5a Front SE5a's in France SE5as of 2 Squadron AFC Sgts Mess 2-AFC Snow Woman at Warloy Sophy scrounged at Bertangles near Amiens Syd Byrt off for a stunt Testing machin gun on wrecked SE5a F855 at Pont a Marcq Thrown from aeroplane during crash Savvy Berliet near Aubigny Trailer after snowstorm Serny Travelling in France Travelling Workshop Unidentified Crew with SE5a Walls around Lille Watercart and Cookhouse Serny Watertank during heavy frost at Serny Workshops Serny(1) Workshops Serny web gallery lightboxby v6.0


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