Frederick Pye Collection

5 (Training) Squadron AFC

Cadet Pilot Frederick C Pye Cadet pilot F.C. Pye with officers swagger stick Cadet pilots Pye and Cox, note the vest pocket Kodak cameras 39th Course AFC (Oxford) F Pye 3rd from left last row Informal photo of a group of cadets, Pye is middle row, second from the left Cadets Eddie, Hill, Deamer, Pye, Dean with Capt. Cole Capt. King Cole, Flying Instructor at Minchinhampton Cadet F Pye in flying gear standing beside an Avro 504J Cadet F Pye in the cockpit of a Sopwith Pup Cadet E.A. Cato, later joinded 4 Squadron AFC J.R. Gordon in the cockpit of a SE5a Gen. Birdwood and his entourage make an inspection visit Gen. Birdwood chats with AFC officers, note Oswald Watt 3rd from the right of the photo Preparing to take Gen. Birdwood for a flight in an Avro 504K Hyde House (near Minchinhampton) - billet for AFC cadets Cadets relax outside Hyde House - note the Crossley Tender AIF Field Engineers on board S.S. Suevic en route to England AFC Cadets learn wing rigging, Cadet F.C. Pye on lower right General view of Minchinhampton airfield Open Day at Minchinhampton 25th April 1918 - note the Sopwith Pup in foreground Line up of SE5a training machines at Minchinhampton Permanent Hangars at Minchinhampton Extensive construction work carried out at Minchinhampton Avro 504K  serial no.E3914 being transported on a Crossley Tender Vehicular garages at Bhurtpore - note the motorcycles Training contour of Ypres salient - Oxford course A visit from the local village "Bobbie" Machine gun range finding practice at Minchinhampton Machine gun training facilities at Shewbury Mock up Camel fuselage for gunnery training at Shewbury AFC Cadets receive instruction in Lewis Gun operations Cadet Pye seated near stove in Harefield Hospital (Bristol) The squadron mail truck - note it only has 1 main headlight Aerial view of hangars etc. at Minchinhampton airfield A young lady prepares for a joy flight in an Avro 504K serial no.E3785 An Air Mechanic services the engine of an SE5a serial no. F9075 Aerial photo of Minchinhampton airfield Aerial photo of Stroud township taken with a vest pocket Kodak camera The business end of a Sopwith Pup Martinsyde G102 "Elephant" at Minchinhampton FE2b serial no. 4982 with undentified ground crew and Cadets A couple of "Good Chums" inspect a BE2e serial no. C7102 Maurice Farman MF11 Shorthorn RE8 serial no. D1512 - possibly taken at Leighterton Avro 504K prepares for take off. Occupants Holden and Blair Avro 504K witth Holden and Blair just after take off A visiting Sopwith Dolphin attracts a crowd of interested mechanics and officers A Bristol F2B "Brisfit" A Sopwith Camel at Minchinhampton Two Sopwith Snipes at an unknown location Sopwith Camel flown by Capt. G. Malley as instructor A Sopwith Camel serial no. F1946 converted to a two seat trainer 5 Training Squadron AFC A visiting Handley Page 0/400 bomber attracts a crowd of onlookers Starboard enginge og Handley Page 0/400 taken from fuselage The prototype of the RT.1 serial no. B6625 The Rt.1 serial no.B6625 attract a crowd of air mechanics Les Holden's all red SE5a serial no. B129 A two man chain swing the prop of an SE5a A formation of SE5a's prepare for a training flight An SE5a at Shewbury airfield Insructor Johnnie Walker with his distinctive Sopwith Camel A bent Sopwith Camel serial no. F1343 A salvage party bring in the damaged Sopwith Camel serial no. F1343 A DH6 and a Farman have a disagreement over "right of way" A fairley typical cadet landing for this DH6 Another typical cadet landing this time a Sopwith Camel showing us some rarely seen details A rugged landing for this Avro 504 serial no. D93 When all else fails head for the nearest fence - Avro 504J serial no. C4342 web gallery lightboxby v6.0


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