John Smith Collection

3, 5, 12, 53 Squadrons RFC/RAF.

Portrait photo of FSgt Jack Smith ‘A’ Flight, 52 TDS at Cramlington. FSgt Jack Smith is seated next to officer with one arm, in centre of the front, seated row A Group of Air Mechanics in 1912 A lorry with air mechanics and some WRAF standing on the front. FSgt Jack Smith is standing on front fender, extreme left hand side. Admiral Beatty’s fleet in the Forth (of Firth) Aerial photo of Ballieul and Ballieul aerodrome, home of No.3 Squadron AFC and No.53 Squadron RFC Aerial view of No.52 TDS’ aerodrome at Cramlington. Flying field with some aircraft is clearly visible on top left hand side of photo. An ammunition dump blowing up at the bottom of Ballieul aerodrome after a raid by enemy machines 7th June 1917 Avro serial no.290 at Netheravon in 1912 BE2 (exBE5) serial no.205 at Larkhill in 1912 BE2 serial no.220 at Larkhill in 1912 BE2c 1744 12 Sqn 26th September 1915 BE3 203 ready at Hendon after handover to the RFC for Lt. A.G.Fox's take-off on 21st September, 1913 Bleriot monoplane no.5 at Larkhill inn 1912 Citation for Jack Smith’s award of the French Croix de Guerre DH9 serial No. D3274 landed at Proven, Belgium after a direct hit by AA shell that failed to explode – 1918 Close up of AA damage to DH9 serial No. D3274 Close up of pilot and observer in their DH9. Possibly in England as aircraft is unarmed Colourfully painted Avro 504K  serial no.E2930 at Cramlington in 1918 Cramlington aerodrome from 10000 feet. Taken on 4th October 1918 Crashed RE8 serial no.(?)3457 after a bad landing at Ballieul, France 4th May 1917 DH9 at St Omer, France in 1918. (Possibly this is in England, as DH9 is unarmed) DH9s at the School of Aerial Fighting, Bircham Newton, in 1918 Entire ground crew of 53 Squadron RFC in 1917 Faded sepia tone photo of Flight Sgt Jack Smith in World War One. French officer turning the propeller of a 53 Squadron RE8 at Ballieul, France Capt. Simpson in front of his Martinsyde scout serial No.5446 Graves of Capt Simpson and Sgt Edlington at Pont Nieppe, Belgium. Ground crew of C Flight, 53 Squadron in 1916 Group of 12 Squadron air mechanics at Netheravon on 19 April 1915. John Smith is the FSgt seated in the centre of the front row Henri Farman biplane Jack Smith (rear) and unidentified pilot in Maurice Farman S.7 serial no.214 at Larkhill. 15 October 1912 Jack's Medal group James Ederidge 3 Squadron AFC John Smith sitting in the rear cockpit of an Avro 504 at 52 TDS, Cramlington, in 1918 Main guard at Fort Grange, 4 August 1914. Jack Smith is standing third from left in the back row. marriage certificate Maurice Farman biplane experimenting for the first time with ranging a Battery, at Lydd, 9 March 1913 Maurice Farman S.7 serial No. 214. Jack trained on this aircraft Newspaper cutting of letter by AM Douglas A. Gordon No.1 Flight, 52 TDS at Cramlington in 1919. All unidentified, seated in front of a DH9 aircraft Obscure photo of aircraft flying past right to left in the distance, with an explosion of some sort occurring in the foreground Office staff at 52 TDS, both men and WRAF. Possibly 1918 or 1919. Officers of No.53 Squadron RFC in 1917 Part of the Navy yard at Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle, in 1918 Poor photo of crashed Avro 504 being dismantled by air mechanics Poor quality photo of a Flight Sergeant Portrait of Air Mechanic. Signed “Your sincerely, F. Mattingley (or possibly Wattingley) 29-5-15” RE8 descending to land at Abeele aerodrome, Belgium. Note the corn sheaves in the fields below RE8 serial no.B6667, right front view RE8 serial No.B6667 RE8's SE5a serial No. F5695 at the School of Aerial Fighting, Bircham Newton Seven mechanics standing in front of workshop, with a lathe in background and propeller standing between them. Flight Sgt. Jack Smith is standing left of the propeller Small group of NCO’s with unidentified officer in front of a hut at unidentified location Some mechanics and boys plus The ‘Big Ben Corps’ at Netheravon in April 1915 Some NCOs of 53 Squadron, formal group in front of Hangar with an RE8 in it Sopwith Pup B4128 "Ickle Poop" at Proven, France in May 1916 The ‘Big Ben Corps’ at Netheravon in April 1915 Three men in front and one man in cockpit of an Avro 504, serial no.??865 Two unidentified air mechanics in their quarters, possibly in France as there is a rifle leaning against the wall in the background. Two unidentified men walking Two unidentified soldiers playing cards in a tent Unidentified air mechanic. Photo marked “12 Sqdn, R.F.C Unidentified group of men with a Leyland lorry. Jack Smith is leaning out of the back of the lorry – the rest are in front or standing around Unidentified group of NCO and Warrant Officer mechanics at an unknown location. Unidentified RNAS Squadron Commander seated in middle of front row. Unidentified group of NCOs and one warrant officer and one officer in front of a hut Unidentified group of NCOs standing in front of a hut, location unknown Unidentified man in flying clothing. Marked “12 Sqdn R.F.C Unidentified man in flying clothing Unidentified men on the steps of a building Unidentified RAF officer Unidentified soldier and unidentified air mechanic. wallet web gallery lightboxby v6.0


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