John Wright Collection


AFC Aerodrome Leighterton Gloustershire Alec Clark Artillery Co-Operation Machine R.E.8. Engine 140 H.P. R.A.F. Australian Students at Oxford AVROs at Leighterton Benjamins crash Minchenhampton July 1918 Butterworths Crash C Flight 4 Sqn AFC NCOs Mechanics and Flight Commander Xmas 1918 Cologne Cadets from 68th Sqn at School of Aeronautics Oxfrod July 1917

Back Row Reginald James FORSYTH (Killed in accident); Richard JACKSON (Dis. nerves)

2nd Row Frank Armstrong POWER (Injured in accident); George Plant WRIGHT (Med unfit); Robert Henry PENSON (washed out); David Goodlet CLARK (Killed in Action); John (“Jack”) Stone LORD (killed in accident); Jack Joseph PENGILLEY (No. 3 Sqn); Elwyn Roy KING (DSO, DFC, Capt. No 4 Sqn); George JONES (DFC Capt. No4 Sqn); Alexander (”Alec.”) Goodlet CLARK(injured in accident) 

Front Row: Ernest Roy JEFFREE (washed out);  Elliott (”Tab”) Frederick PFLAUM (Capt No4 Sqn); William Hurtle NICHOLLS (prisoner of war); John William WRIGHT (DFC Capt No4 Sqn); Frank Leonard ROBERTS (No2 Sqn); Norman MULRONEY (No3 Sqn); Garth Maundy ELWYN (No4 Sqn) Camel crash at Turnhouse December 1917 Camels lined up at Bickendorf Capt G Jones Capt Jones Lieut A.E. Robertson M.C. John Wright Capt Remington Lt Scrivener Lt Robertson Capt Jones Unknown Capt Flockhart Major Bruen Wendover June 1918 Capt AE Robertson MC in a Camel Captain Pflaum's Avro Capt Holden MC AFC Major Phillips MC DFC Capt WA Robertson Capt AG Clark Lt Col WO Watt OBE LdeH CdeG Lt N Clark Minchenhampton Capt-Les-Holden-in-Se5a-B129-of-6-Sqn-AFC C-Flight-Snipes-at-Bickendorf-Jan-1919 C-Flight-Snipes-at-Bickendorf-Jan-1919-side-view Fighting Scout Camel (Sopwith) Engine 140 H.P. Clerget George Plant Wright Group at Turnhouse Scotland Dec 1917 Centre without coat Lt Woodhouse later KIA France 1918 Group of Officers Wendover Handley Page at Leighterton Handley Page at Leighterton Front Handley Page at Leighterton side aspect Instructional Machine Avro Engine 100 H.P. Mono Jack-Wright-posing-in-front-of-his-Snipe John Wright in Sopwith Snipe John Wright in winter flying gear John Wright Capt Robertson Major Brown AFC Lt Robertson MC Lt Payne Lt Harper Lt Cummings Capt Tunbridge Lt Eddy Instructors No5 Sqn AFC Michenhampton July 1918 Jones George Wright Lts Richards and Trim McLaughlins First Solo Mrs Preston Les Holden Mrs King Mrs King Mrs Preston OC "A" Flight Capt TAB Pflaum OC "C" Flight JW Wright One of Paynes Pupils makes a forced landing Minchenhampton July 1918 Richards Snipe Sopwith Camel Sopwith Pup Sopwith Pup rear Stevenson, Cullam, Cottam, Wright, Bishop Tab and Capt Cooper Williams effort on stone wall Minchenhampton July 1918 Wrights Snipe note Flight Commanders Pennant web gallery lightboxby v6.0


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