Pat Moy Shield

The Pat Moy Memorial Shield is awarded to Society members who have made a valuable contribution to the Society in the course of the year. The award is not an annual award and has only been awarded 26 times since its inception in 1972. The Pat Moy Memorial Shield is only presented for outstanding work by an individual or group.

Pat Moy was an outstanding contributor to the Society. He held the position of Hon. Secretary and Newsletter Editor as well as working on the '14-'18 Journal Sub Committee. Pat continued to work on the 71-72 edition even though he was quite ill. A full tribute to Pat can be found on page 53 of the 72-73 edition of the '14-'18 Journal.

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1972-73 J.Allport 1973-74 O.M. Senn
1974-75 J. Baker 1975-76 R.F. Cooper
1976-77 E.A. Watson 1977-78 D.H.R. White
1978-79 S.E. Johnston 1989 The Pirie Family
1990 K.F. Keohane 1991 A.W. Griffiths
1992 P.E. Laughton-Bramley 1993 Ross Bell
1994 P. Chapman 1995 J.D. Goble
1997 K.F. Keohane 1998 G.F. Weingarth
1999 J.D. Goble 2000 P. Chapman
2001 M.R. Crisp 2002 J.D. Goble
2004 D.H.R. White 2006 P.R. Williams
2008 P. Chapman 2011 J.D. Goble
2012 A.G. Smith 2013 D. Perkins
2014 W. Evans 2015 A. Stewart
2016 D. Perkins