The Society meets quarterly at The Roseville Club, 64 Pacific Highway, Roseville, NSW, Australia. Proceedings commence with a brief business meeting, followed by afternoon tea, and conclude with an entertainment segment. This may consist of a talk, video show, modelling exhibition, or any of a number of activities with a WW1 aviation theme.

The meetings are held in February, May, August and November, on the third Saturday of the month commencing at 13.30hrs (1.30PM). Please note the August 2017 meeting will be held on a Sunday.

The dates for 2017 Meetings

Date Event Time and Location
18.02.2017 February GM 13.30 The Roseville Club
20.05..2017 May GM 13.30 The Roseville Club
20.08.2017 August GM 13.30 The Roseville Club
18.11.2017 AGM 13.30 The Roseville Club