Peter Williams Memorial Library

The Peter Williams Memorial Library is available to all members of the society resident in Australia. As the Library is stored at the Society's Librarian residence, this brings with it a modified procedure for members living in the Sydney area who wish to access the library. Any member wishing to borrow publications from the library can do so at any time by prior arrangement with Gordon Lasslett, it would be appreciated if members could collect and return books to Lindfield (Librarians residence) as there is a limit to the number of books that can be carried on public transport to and from the regular meetings. Publications that the Society receives between meetings, such as Windsock, Over The Front and Cross & Cockade etc. will be brought to each meeting and can be borrowed, thus with previous borrowed items returned there will be a small 'float' of recently published research items available.

A total of two books and/or four magazines may be borrowed at a time, for a period of three months (the period between meetings). Extensions to this period may be arranged with the librarian if no other member requires the material.

Interstate and Country Members not attending meetings, may borrow books by first making a deposit of $50.00 with the treasurer to cover postage and packing costs, the librarian will be reimbursed by the treasurer from this fund. When the amount of the deposit falls to $10.00 or below, it must be topped up before any more borrowings can take place. Any remainder will be refunded if the member resigns or ceases to borrow items. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return borrowed items in good condition to the librarian in time for the next meeting, thus unfortunately reducing the time that "out of town" members may hold the books.

The library services are intended for financial members, under no circumstances are Society items to be lent to non-Society persons, nor are they to be passed from one member to another without the express permission of the librarian.

Borrowers will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the material entrusted into his/her care. Lost or damaged material must be either replaced or paid for at the current market value.

All Society members are encouraged to donate to the library any books, magazines or other suitable material in excess of their personal requirements, all donations will be gratefully acknowledged in the Society Newsletter.

Any queries regarding the contents or operation of the library should be directed to the Librarian.

Library Catalogue - Feb 2012

A full catalogue of the Society's Library appears below. You will need a PDF Reader to open it.